JAMS 485

Senior Capstone Project: Ready, Set to Bloom! Campaign

Students majoring in Journalism and Media Studies must complete a final professional quality Senior Capstone project.

The purpose of the project is to showcase what a student learned in their Journalism and Media Studies courses.

It must be the student’s most advanced work, so the class is taken after the completion of all other major requirements

My project was a strategic communication awareness campaign for the McMinnville Education Foundation.

The nonprofit provides funding for enriching educational activities and experiences beyond what the school district’s budget allows. but many people do not know that.

The purpose of this project was to showcase what I learned in my Journalism and Media Studies courses.

The goal of the Ready, Set, Bloom! campaign was to bring awareness of what MEF does and make measurable progress towards making the organization a household name.

From Pitch through Plan

Media Pieces Created for the Campaign

A New Blog

Blog Post Sign-up Form

Online Writing Tips & Style Guide

Updated Facebook Cover

Sample Facebook Post

To provide the MEF board with an example of how to post a link, I grabbed the web address for the organization’s spring wine sale notice and typed up step by step directions on how to do it.

The guide points readers to this post as an example of how a simple post with a link might look.

Post Ideas & Resources List

Evergreen Brochure

Updatable Insert

Tiny Flyer & Seed Packets

Wicker baskets filled with the free seed packets will be dropped off at businesses.

Front and back text of tiny flyers.