Infographic Analysis:
Your Hackable House

Your Hackable House is the title and headline of the interactive diagram for this analysis. The graphic’s intended audience is adult homeowners, renters and anyone else using or interested in using products with smart technology. A one sentence introductory explainer beneath the headline tells viewers the story is about the danger of security flaws in connected devices within their homes.…

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Information Gathering: Topic Proposal

PROPOSED TOPIC:  Homeless Vehicle Living

PROPOSED QUESTION: Should the City of McMinnville’s policy be changed to allow otherwise homeless individuals to live in their vehicles?

The article “Residents Complain of Mobile Homeless Village” in the Yamhill Valley News-Register, provides evidence that homeless people are living in worn-out RVs right here in McMinnville.…

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Major Project Planning:

Kid Friendly McMinnville!

Photo credit "John Deere Tractor Costume" by Brett Holt CC 2.0


Final Project Concept

My project will be created for the audience of the  Visit McMinnville Destination Marketing Organization. Visitors to the website will find the story and project compelling because information about kid friendly features in the town will be presented in an engaging way using several forms of multimedia.…

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And it’s a… Blog!

On Monday of this week I walked into my Multimedia Storytelling class excited to learn about creating a blog.  I came home with this, my first ever website.

Thinking about all the writing, designing and editing ahead of me, I was giddy with excitement leaving class that day.

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