This project is an ongoing side gig that I created and maintain for Awaken Church, which formed when two small congregations joined together.

Before the merge, each had been posting the audio of their sermons on their websites. The recordings were typical of most churches, minimally edited and far from professional quality.

I offered to use what I learned in my electronic media classes to create a podcast website and ratchet up the quality of the sermon audios. I selected Buzzsprout because it was a way to get the each episode distributed to 15 of the most popular podcast directories. The logo I created for Awaken Online incorporates the church’s sunrise logo.

Each week, the sound engineer sends me the audio of the church’s Sunday morning message. I act as podcast manager, editing it for verbal pauses, background noise, coughs, sneezes and such and other sounds that distract from the message.

Then, I add a short clip of intro and outro music, write and record any needed voiceovers. Readying the audio for publication also involves taking out references to images and other things that would not be understood by a person who was not present for the live presentation.

When the recording is ready to go live, I enter in the needed details on the Buzz Sprout website, upload the final product and post a link on the church’s social media page.