And it’s a… Blog!

On Monday of this week I walked into my Multimedia Storytelling class excited to learn about creating a blog.  I came home with this, my first ever website.

Thinking about all the writing, designing and editing ahead of me, I was giddy with excitement leaving class that day.


As a mass communication major preparing for a job in the media world, having my own website and blog felt a bit surreal. It is a significant first step toward my future career goals. There is so much to learn.

I am an excited new mom, with precious babe in arms, wondering how she will ever figure out everything she needs to know to properly love, feed and care for her child. This website is my first-born.

Over the next few years, this is where I will post projects from my media studies and perhaps a bit of my personal life. As I learn more about mass communication and continue to add to this website it will eventually come of age and be a full-grown portfolio.

Wow. What lies ahead, all the new things to be learned about my media child, the thought of it is overwhelming, but somehow exhilarating at the same time.

                                                    Welcome home Baby Blog!

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