Photo/Aural Reflection:

A Brother and Sister in Love

weddingring-jhNPR’s February 13, 2015 picture story about a priest and nun who fell in love is the topic of this visual/aural reflection. A Brother and Sister in Love was created and narrated by their son, John Fugelsang.

As the story begins, an organ hums while the narrator tells a joke about being catholic.  

Multimedia Story Analysis 2:

Shining a Light on a Vulnerable Population


For my second multimedia analysis, I will look at Shining a Light on a Vulnerable Population, written by James Barragán and published November 13, 2015 by the Austin American-Statesman.

The topic of this story is homelessness. The report looks at why transients in the Travis County, Texas area are dying prematurely at a higher rate than the general population. 

A Multimedia Analysis:

Clash in the Name of Care

Clash in the Name of Care doctor-1461912000fcn, published October 25, 2015, is a Globe Spotlight project created by Jenn AbelsonJonathan SaltzmanLiz Kowalczyk and editor Scott Allen.

The topic of this hard-hitting expose’ is surgery policies, focusing on Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital in particular.

The teaser before the report introduces the subject with “Is it right or safe for surgeons to run two operations at once?” This question lays a foundation for the investigation to follow.

Documentary Storytelling: Cyber Seniors

old-hands-keyboardThis Wednesday in my multimedia storytelling class we were assigned to write a blog post about a nonfiction documentary. I selected Cyber Seniors, a 2014 feature-length film. It is the story of a group of seniors that learn to use a computer and go online.

The documentary opens with the narrator’s grandparents, a smiling elderly couple, hunched over a tablet watching a video of a little brown-haired boy pretending to play piano.