A Video Story:
McMinnville Youth Football

Football is a big deal in the small town of McMinnville, Oregon. Boys begin playing on teams as early as third grade.

For my video project I went to one of McMinnville Youth Football’s last games of the season and interviewed two of the 5th/6th grade coaches.

I learned there is a reason the organization encourages boys to get started playing football years before they enter high school.

Major Project Planning:

Kid Friendly McMinnville!

John Deere Tractor Costume
This is what I hope to see more of as a result of this project.
Photo credit "John Deere Tractor Costume" by Brett Holt CC 2.0


Final Project Concept

My project will be created for the audience of the  Visit McMinnville Destination Marketing Organization. Visitors to the website will find the story and project compelling because information about kid friendly features in the town will be presented in an engaging way using several forms of multimedia.

Photo and Audio Story:

A Visit to Boulderneigh Fiber Farm

Boulderneigh is a small picturesque farm just outside of Amity in Yamhill County, Oregon. The business specializes in fine fleece from Shetland Sheep.  For my photo and audio story I talked with owner Michelle McMillen.

This is the story of how the fiber farm business got started and how it led Michelle to a newfound interest in spinning and knitting.

Photo/Aural Reflection:

A Brother and Sister in Love

weddingring-jhNPR’s February 13, 2015 picture story about a priest and nun who fell in love is the topic of this visual/aural reflection. A Brother and Sister in Love was created and narrated by their son, John Fugelsang.

As the story begins, an organ hums while the narrator tells a joke about being catholic.