JAMS 430


Orphan Train flyer
Orphan Train Flyer/J.W. Swan /1910/Public Domain

The final project in JAMS 430, Media History, was to write an original paper at least 3,500 words long. The purpose of the project was to show that the writer had an understanding of how media history research is conducted.

For the assignment, students were required to craft a research question about media’s part in an issue or event during the years between 1700 to 1974.

The research had to end with a conclusion that summarized the question, the method of research, the findings and an analysis. summarizing the question, the method, the findings and the analysis. Lastly, students needed to explain why the project mattered. Or as Dr. Michael Huntsberger put it, answer the “so what” question.

Because of my interest in issues related to adoption and foster care, I researched the media’s role in the Children’s Aid Society’s work placing 120,000 orphaned and abandoned inner city children in country homes from 1853 to 1929.