MSCM 230

Media Theory & Criticism:
The Portrayal of Women on Gilligan’s Island
and Possible Effects on Viewers

From 1964 to 1967 a popular show called Gilligan’s Island aired. Though it is comprised of just three seasons, it became a television classic and children watched it on weekday afternoons for many years after. For my final project in Media Theory & Criticism, I examined the portrayal of women on the show and what possible effect it might have on viewers.

Medium Articles

The following articles are critiques I wrote in MSCM 230 and posted on Medium in our class’s online publication. Students were required to share their thoughts on one another’s articles and reflect on the theories we were learning about in class. While the articles are not research per se, I am including them here since they are assignments from the same class I wrote the Gilligan’s Island paper for.