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Information Graphic:
Living in the Boot

The Pew Research Center’s 2015 Family Support in a Graying Society  report is the source used to create the following information graphic.

The intended audience for this piece is those who visit the AARP magazine’s digital newstand.

This infographic would be of interest to its audience because it is the story of what life is like for people their age in another country.

Major Project Planning:

Kid Friendly McMinnville!

John Deere Tractor Costume
This is what I hope to see more of as a result of this project.
Photo credit "John Deere Tractor Costume" by Brett Holt CC 2.0


Final Project Concept

My project will be created for the audience of the  Visit McMinnville Destination Marketing Organization. Visitors to the website will find the story and project compelling because information about kid friendly features in the town will be presented in an engaging way using several forms of multimedia.