Monthly archives: November, 2016

Future Technology Analysis:
Virtual Reality

 Caring For a New Puppy is the title of my imagined future technology piece. It is an instructional work that teaches children how to care for a puppy named O.T., which is pronounced “oh-tee.”

The intended audience is children between the mental and/or functional ages of three to twelve who are receiving occupational therapy.

Infographic Analysis:
Your Hackable House

Your Hackable House is the title and headline of the interactive diagram for this analysis. The graphic’s intended audience is adult homeowners, renters and anyone else using or interested in using products with smart technology. A one sentence introductory explainer beneath the headline tells viewers the story is about the danger of security flaws in connected devices within their homes.

A Video Story:
McMinnville Youth Football

Football is a big deal in the small town of McMinnville, Oregon. Boys begin playing on teams as early as third grade.

For my video project I went to one of McMinnville Youth Football’s last games of the season and interviewed two of the 5th/6th grade coaches.

I learned there is a reason the organization encourages boys to get started playing football years before they enter high school.